Wow Zach, This Blog is Lit!

Oh, hello there. How are the 1293 people who read this blog over the last 31 days blog doing? If you have been a regular reader of, you know this unusually quiet for me. Over the past 6 years, I’ve generally published a lot more frequently than ‘monthly’. As I sit here with the ‘Add New Post’ page open for the 30th day in a row and nothing getting done, I thought… just write you idiot! So… that’s what this is. If it’s tough to read, I’m sorry… it’s a flow of consciousness. This post will also likely be deleted in the new year and is acting more as a placeholder until then haha.

There are two questions I want to address… and make no mistake, this is just me asking them of myself haha.

  1. Am I still writing?
  2. What’s next?
  3. Also, add in a tl;dr

Am I Still Writing?

YES! Lately, I have been writing more than ever. At the beginning of the year, I made a concerted effort to find a focus for my personal blog. After some deliberation, I realized that my passion was for social media, marketing, and influencers. It’s always been something I wrote about for many years but it was mixed in with the ‘lifestyle content’ that I created. The one problem I was finding pre-2016, was focus… I am a person who is terrible at focusing on ONE thing. I am a Jack of All Trades… so when the year started, I realized that if I wanted to find focus, I needed to get rid of the content that didn’t fit. Thus the lifestyle content went away.

Scotch Camp. October 5, 2016. Caledon, Canada. (photo: Vito Amati/Ryan Emberley Photography)

After finding focus, my business as a writer exploded. You see, lifestyle blogging has never paid my bills. Instead, I’ve always freelanced creating content about various topics for clients. Since focusing on social media and influencers, the demand for my writing spiked. I’ve also been doing a couple speaking gigs here and there, again on the topic of influencers. Doing these things is great, but it does drain the inspiration pool when I’m creating my best stuff for major sites that are paying me. Where I *DO* find writing inspiration is, which has largely become me reviewing tech and gear.

Casey introduced me to a tool called Grammarly that edits and tracks your writing on Google Chrome. Over the last month, I’ve averaged 31,000 words per week. If we’re talking about 500-word blog posts (the average blogger post length), that’s 62 of them. If we’re talking full out 3000-word essays, that’s 10 of them… a week. Granted, some of that is emails and Tweets, but the lion share is writing articles for clients. So am I still writing? Yes, a lot. And some of the projects I’ll be able to share soon because it’s the kind of content you would normally read here.

What’s Next?

In addition to writing, I’ve been falling more and more enamored with YouTube. My personal channel has gone through the same thing my blog did – finding a focus. That focus has been BEST LABS, a series dedicated to finding the best of things in a comical, entertaining and silly way. It’s not always serious but it’s definitely resonated with an audience. It’s still random enough to keep me engaged with it, but not so random that it’s just a mess without focus. I also launched a YouTube channel for GuyMaven, where all of my unboxing videos can live instead of them being on my Best Labs channel. Creating a consistent message is so crucial on YouTube.

I also want to revamp this site to deliver more tentpole content that is easily found, launch a small paid product that I’ve been working on, and make a section to better see what I’m up to. There’s also an outside chance that I turn all the written content on this site into video based content moving forward… would you watch a video on blogging? Haha.

That will likely all come in 2017. But first, I need to focus on TECHMAS! Yes, my 2nd annual Tech unboxing + giveaway series is back this year and this year is going to be even bigger. Some really incredible brands already committed, and a few final ones being discussed right now. Make sure to subscribe to this email list to be alerted when it goes live!


  • I write a lot for clients about social media, YouTube and influencers.
  • I write lots of reviews and previews over at
  • I created a YouTube series called BEST LABS about finding the ‘best’ of things on YouTube.
  • I created a YouTube channel for my unboxing videos (and possibly reviews).
  • Will be active again? Probably, but not until the new year.
  • Techmas is making a return!