Blogger Mistakes

Over the years, I have personally made so many blogger mistakes. If given the opportunity to go back and fix them, I would in an instant. Some of them are minor with no real consequence other than making life a little bit more difficult than it had to be. Others were truly massive issues that have hindered my success as a creator. That said, every mistake is an opportunity to grow and do better – but those lessons don’t help others. As I look at my fellow bloggers, some new, some veteran, I immediately recognize that they are making some of the same mistakes that I did. Today, I’d like to share some of those mistakes!

Blogger Mistakes: Consistency

Audiences like consistency when it comes to content. They want fresh content that’s expected and regularly shared, whether that’s daily, multiple times a week or weekly. I have had a horrible history when it comes to consistency on my blog. I wrote consistently for two years and built a strong, loyal audience. Then I wrote for a different blog, then did a podcast and only shared that content, then I came back to my blog. It fragmented the audience and was counter productive. I should have always been regularly producing content for my blog – at least once a week. Had I done that, I wouldn’t be constantly having to re-capture my readers attention.

Blogger Mistakes: Creating Content I Didn’t Love

My blog is MY space that I can do anything I want with – why would I spend ANY time creating content I didn’t love? I have created content that didn’t meet my own standards over the years. The audience recognizes when my heart isn’t into a post (as is evident by the traffic/time on page analytics). If you’re not loving the content, don’t post it as it only serves to hurt.

Blogger Tips

Blogger Mistakes: SEO

One of the things that it seems EVERY blogger could stand to do a little better is their SEO. For years, I did nothing SEO related – I didn’t use alt tags, I didn’t target a keyword and didn’t write in a way that web crawlers would ‘love’ my site. As such, I didn’t bring in the number of people who would have probably loved that content. I’ve been working a little bit every day to go back and optimize that content, but I WISH I had done it from the beginning. A plugin like Yoast can help immensely at simplifying the process.

Blogger Mistakes: Me vs Everyone

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made as a blogger has been my mentality. I’ve always felt competition among my fellow bloggers, and that’s entirely the wrong thing to do. Instead of seeing the value in working and building our audiences collaboratively, I’ve actively tried to ‘beat’ everyone else around me. While naturally, there will be others who I don’t like at all, the reality is that many know exactly what it’s like in the ‘blogger trenches’ and as such are perfect allies. Collaboration as a creator is far more beneficial for everyone involved than trying to be the top of the pyramid alone.

Speaking of Collaboration…

I reached out to a bunch of bloggers who I respect and think are some of the best, asking them if they have made any mistakes and would be willing to share. Their responses have taught me a few things already, and it really goes to show that collectively, we have immense knowledge! I encourage you to also follow these bloggers on Twitter and check out their blogs as well – you won’t be disappointed.

The BIGGEST mistake I’ve made as a blogger—and still DO—is that I need to do everything myself, thinking no one else can do things as good as I do them. And that’s stupid. Part of balancing out blogging with the rest of your life is figuring out the pieces you’re willing to hand off to others so you can FOCUS on the parts you do BEST. – Casey at


As a PR professional and social media strategist by day, my biggest mistake as a blogger is not following my own advice. All the things that I’d advise my clients to do – creating content calendars, being consistent, answering emails in a timely fashion – are things I often neglect to do for my own site. Also – doing more of what works. If something is getting engagement and stirring up the interwebs, do more of it! – Stephanie at


Looking back over the last four years of blogging, I’ve made a ton of mistakes. By far the biggest one was working with brands I didn’t care for. I’d see dollar signs and instead of asking myself, ” does this fit my brand?” I’d say “yes” and scream “show me the money!” – Brock at


When I first started blogging, I didn’t focus on a niche. I wanted to talk about anything and everything. I quickly realized that it was easier to create content on things that you are really passionate about and your audience will see that! – Janelle at


Since I started blogging, I recently learned how important it is to have the same filter on all of my Instagram pics. I never realized how much of a difference it makes on the whole look until I starting looking on other bloggers Instagrams. Consistency is the key! – Deanne at


Looking back the one mistake I made when I first started blogging is not promoting my blog content on my social media, or not promoting my content in a creative way which would bring readers to my site. Especially in the beginning when you are building your readership, ensure you promote your content to create awareness about the existence of your blog. I would suggest finding the right balance where you promote your blog posts on social media, but do not go overboard with promoting. – Eleni at


When I first started blogging, I had decided on only one thing, the fact that I wanted to blog. I prattled on about everything from cocktail recipes to tips for houseplants, and nothing was really connected. Obviously, this was not a successful approach. Why didn’t it work out? There was no passion! Then three year’s later—after I had given up on writing about how to care for your ficus tree—I found a niche I finally felt comfortable writing about. So my advice for new bloggers is to write about what you love, nothing more, nothing less (and avoid all plant related posts, unless you’re a Phytomaniac).” – Stephanie at