200 Goals for 2019 –55 PERSONAL GOALS Reviewed

Alright, New Years Eve… Let’s finish up strong (maybe) with my PERSONAL goals for the year. These are things that I wanted to do for me. BUT like all personal goals, they often get put to the side for other things. And in case you missed them, here’s my Social/Business Goals recapped, my Health/Home Goals reviewed, and my Social Media Goals checked out.

  • Get Setup. Completed. It’s set up – it still needs a LOT of work, but it at least exists again!
  • Post to Monthly. Failed. I almost didn’t post at all, I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to share here, to be honest.
  • Better Budget Myself. Completed. I made budgets each and every month, and tracked it religiously!
  • Get Debt Free. Failed. I still have a lot of debt, 2020!
  • Buy 6 New Shirts. Failed. I bought 4 new shirts, but that’s short of 6… maybe I’ll make goals on stream to make sure to get 8 this year haha.
  • Buy 4 New Pairs of Pants. Completed. I bought a couple of pairs of jeans, a couple of pairs of khakis, and a pair of runners.
  • Buy a New Suit. Failed. I bought no suits.
  • Buy a New Sportscoat. Completed. Bought a nice light blue sportscoat right before Twitchcon!
  • Buy a New Pair of Shoes. Failed. I looked, but never found what I was looking for.
  • Up my Shoe Game in General. Failed. I think my shoe game remained the same.
  • Learn Conversational Spanish. Failed. I did not learn enough Spanish to count as having learned conversational.
  • Try to get a Ride-Along for the Airshow. Failed. I did not apply – but I also didn’t see the way to do it either. Strange.
  • Learn a Magic Trick. Failed. I don’t even know why I wanted to do this lol.
  • Adopt a Kitten. Failed. This is my saddest goal not met – I think I talked about it in a different recap… but hopefully, I’ll fix this soon!
  • Drink More Water. Completed. I drank a LOT of water, especially bubbly waters.
  • Start Every Morning with a Glass of Water. Mostly Completed. Up until recently, I’d down a big glass to start the day!
  • Get Two Massages. Failed. I got no massages this year…
  • Travel to Cuba (Visit Havana). Completed! What a great trip! Weak hnds?
  • Continue Making a Game for my Family at Christmas. Failed. I got so busy… did not make the family game. Feels bad.
  • Don’t Devalue my Time. Semi-completed. I still feel like there were times this year that I gave my time to people who did not appreciate it at all.
  • Spend More Time Creating – Less Time Planning. Semi-completed. I’ve started to be a lot better about just going for it. I’ve learned a LOT this year too… next year is a mix of production and casual content.
  • Push Forward on Goals Without Fear. Failed. I often got nervous about proceeding with some goals… Not sure why that keeps happening.
  • Write Down Predictions. Completed. It’s disturbing how often I predict things correctly – it’s given me confidence in knowing how to move forward and trust myself more.
  • Recognize People Worth Investing Time In. Completed. I’m getting better at putting my time in people who deserve it… and in escaping situations where people want to steal it.
  • Rework my Emergency Supplies. Completed. I repacked them to be better organized.
  • Create a Vision Board. Failed. I don’t think this will be as helpful as I thought it might be at the time.
  • Visit Twitch HQ. Failed. 2020 let’s go though!
  • Read More Books. Semi-Failed. I did read more books, but not what I would consider to be enough,
  • Get an Artist Made Christmas Photo. Failed. It didn’t happen but did discuss it.
  • Wake Up Earlier. Mostly Completed. I started waking up regularly at 8AM.
  • Go to Bed Earlier. Mostly Failed. I’d try to go to be earlier, but usually ended up in bed at 2AM.
  • Digitize my VHS Tapes. Failed. I have the VCR handy, just need to sit down and do it!
  • Digitize my Old Video Camera. Failed. Same as the VCR situation – just gotta do it.
  • Say ‘No’ to Things I’d Say Yes To (and waste my time). Completed! I said NO to a LOT of things that I wouldn’t have enjoyed doing.
  • Say ‘Yes’ to Things I’d Say No To (and miss out on). Completed. I said YES to new things I’d never otherwise do. I’d probably say no now, but that’s because I experienced it.
  • Learn to Use my Camera. Failed. I actually need to sell the camera to help pay for an upgrade haha.
  • Interview my Grandpa on Camera. Failed. I haven’t had the opportunity.
  • Interview Both Grandmas on Camera. Failed. I don’t think my one grandma would do it, and my other has a book of prompts she may be writing!
  • Cut back to 150 Goals in 2020. Completed? I think I have about 100 goals for 2020 instead. Semi-fail? Semi-done? Who knows.
  • Visit a Canadian City Outside of Ontario. Failed. Didn’t travel within Canada this year.
  • Get a Background Actor Role. Failed. I applied but did not get a call up!
  • Take More Photos of Family. Completed. I took a ton this year!
  • Take More Videos of Family. Completed. I took a bunch this year!
  • Take More Photos with Friends. Failed. I’m still bad at doing photos when I’m with people because I’m WITH them and want to be present for the moment.
  • Tell People I Care About, That I Care About Them. Completed. I’ve let people know more than ever how much they mean to me – I’ll probably send some messages tonight too.
  • Commit to Mid-Year Review of These Goals – Swap Out Up to 25 of them (Priorities Change!) Completed. I did this!
  • Learn to use my Engraver Kit. Failed. Completely forgot about it.
  • Digital Purge of Browser Bookmarks. Completed! I got rid of a ton of older bookmarks for things I no longer have a need for.
  • Catch up on Series I’ve Wanted to Watch. Failed. There are more things than ever that I want to watch!.
  • Backup Important Data/Photos to an SSD. Semi-failed. I do now have backups, but not dedicated enough for photos/data… just on an older drive.
  • Remember to Find the Lessons in Failure. Completed. I failed a lot, but learned more from those than anything!.
  • Get your YouTube Watch Later List Down to 0 (From 158). Completed! However, the holidays have beefed it back up to 39.
  • Sort Photos/Videos and Delete Blurry/Useless Ones. Semi-Completed. I purged a bunch, but there are way more to go through still.
  • Reward Yourself with Games After the Work is Done. Completed. I was pretty good about getting my work done and then doing fun things.
  • Strive to Complete all 200, but Don’t Beat Yourself Up if You Miss Any! Completed. Throughout this review process, I’ve been accepting that I didn’t complete a bunch of things. There are some I SHOULD have done, but life is complex and you just gotta do the best you can.

All in all, 26 out of 55 Personal goals completed. By far my worst completion rate but overall I’m happy with the results. There’s lots to go on for 2020, lots I learned, and truthfully LOTS I completed. Overall, 95 of my 200 goals got done – that’s amazing. And now I can look forward to what I get done in 2020!

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