200 Goals for 2019 –50 HEALTH & HOME GOALS Reviewed

I’ve covered by Social Media goals, and my Business/Social Goals…. but now it’s time to look more at myself. Things I wanted to change about the way I live and the things I do… I already know this is going to be a rough one. Health was NOT something I prioritized at all… in fact, it was probably the least healthy year of my life. Not good… but let’s see how it goes.

Home Goals

  • Buy a Quality Desk Chair. Completed! I just got myself a Herman Miller Aeron chair – by far the best chair I have ever owned (and the most expensive). I also hope it will last longer than 2-3 years.
  • Get a Dyson Stick Vacuum. Failed. I ALMOST bought one on Black Friday, but decided not to.
  • Use my Vacuum Sealer More. Completed. I used it about 50% more than I did last year, and intend to do even more with it in 2020!
  • Get my Kitten a Set of Armor. Failed. I didn’t adopt (yet). I spent so much time trying to find a kitten only to constantly be ‘beaten out’ by someone else who intended to adopt. Feels Bad.
  • Run Through my Around the World Cook Book. Failed. I thought I lost the book… was just going through the closet and found it a couple days ago!
  • Try Sous Vide Cooking. Failed. I honestly kept pushing this to the sidelines… maybe 2020 – it would doubledip on the Vacuum sealer!
  • Cook a Lobster. Failed. I had lobster, but I didn’t cook it myself.
  • Make Biscotti. Failed. I love Biscotti… but just bought it lol.
  • Get a Dozen Fresh Oysters Three Times. Completed! I had some absolutely amazing Oysters this year – brought them home, opened them up, added some horseradish, and a squeeze of lemon… delicious!
  • Grow an Indoor Herb Garden. Completed. I started the year off with an indoor herb garden that was doing okay – but then stalled out. I got an Aerogarden for Christmas, and 3 days in and there are signs of life!
  • Grow Mint Outside in the Spring/Summer. Failed. Ohhhhh all the mojitos I missed out on.
  • Install Undercabinet Lighting. Completed! It’s changed the kitchen dramatically – best decision.
  • Get an Automated Blind System. Failed. I don’t really need this, but I really do want it.
  • Purge my Closet. Completed. I purged the closet in Spring and just did a second purge this week! It is clean and organized!
  • Rearrange the Bedroom. Completed. I moved everything around and it’s better than ever.
  • Make a Cat Corner in the Bedroom. Failed. Again, didn’t adopt.
  • Install a New Kitchen Tap. Failed. I could easily do it, but I need to turn off building water… and that’s a whole tralala.
  • Buy/Build a Small Countertop beside the Oven. Completed. Much like the under cabinet lights, this has improved my life in the kitchen immensely.
  • Make my Bed in the Morning. Completed. More days than not, I made my bed in the morning.
  • Organize the Kitchen Better. Completed. It can still be better, but I’ve made major improvements.
  • Organize the Office Better. Completed. Moved offices completely, and it’s a major upgrade.
  • Use my Balcony/Backyard More. Failed. I really didn’t use it much at all! Not sure why…
  • Purge Clothing that is Old/Tired/Faded. Semi-completed. I got rid of some stuff, but there are lots more I really should purge and replace.
  • Dust Under the Bed More Frequently. Completed. Dust-free since 2019.
  • Get a New Phone. Completed! Got a nice Samsung S10e!
  • Get a New Umbrella. Failed. The one I have held on longer than I thought it would.
  • Get a New Monitor. Completed. Oh baby do I love my 27″ 1440p 165hz monitor!
  • Fix the LightSwitch in the Office. Completed! It took WAY longer than I should have left it, but it’s done.
  • Mount your Lights on the Wall. Failed. Thank god I didn’t do this tbh! I moved studios.
  • Buy a New Ryobi Tool. Completed. I got a Ryobi Tool!
  • Dehydrate Fruit More Often. Failed. I need to do this, I LOVE dehydrated fruit.
  • Dehydrate Meat to Make Jerky. Failed. Another thing I love, but just haven’t done!
  • Get New Pots/Pans. Failed. Still using the old stuff, but that’s okay.
  • Get Pumpkin Ale in October. Failed. I opted to run for a Sober October, so I avoided alcohol!
  • Don’t Let Pots “Soak” Overnight. Semi-failed. I mostly did my dishes, but sometimes I didn’t haha.
  • Learn to Make Grandma’s Christmas Cookies. Failed. I instead took a giant batch of hers instead.
  • Eat More Gyros. Failed. I only ate three gyros this year!

Health Goals

  • Lose the Christmas Weight + 10lbs (Aim for 165). Failed. I am in terrible shape I did NOT do well.
  • Workout 100 Times this Year. Failed. I did not work out 100 times.
  • Never Trade my Mental Health for Anything. Completed. Any time people have fucked with my mental health, I made sure to put an end to it.
  • Watch Less XXX Content. Semi-completed. I think I watched less haha.
  • Don’t Compare Myself to Others – Unless it’s to Learn/Improve Something. Completed. I only compare myself to myself! I’m way beyond looking at others for where I ‘should’ be.
  • Trust my Instincts. Completed. I trusted it and it did not steer me wrong!
  • Try Meditation (Seriously for a Few Weeks). Failed. But I am watching Dr K who’s teaching some stuff weekly, I try to remember it all!
  • Ride my Bike. Failed. Heh, not sure why… but never did.
  • Get an Annual Checkup. Failed. monkaS I need to do this.
  • Cut Down on Sugar. Failed. I ate more treats than I should have!
  • Complete Zombies, Run! Failed. I didn’t even attempt it.
  • Get More Sun/A Sun Tan. Semi-completed. I went outside more, but not sure if I got a tan.
  • Try P90X3. Failed. I didn’t even attempt it.

Overall, I completed 21 of these 50 goals. I really neglected my health this year and have no excuses. 2020 is going to come with a major focus on my diet and exercise because I really do FEEL gross/bad/fat etc. And if you feel bad, confidence is tough too! Not beating myself up, just giving myself the motivation to change! Alright… tomorrow… new years eve… the last of the goals. Personal!