200 Goals for 2019 – 49 SOCIAL MEDIA GOALS Reviewed

Back on January 1st, 2019, I sat down to post my 200 goals for 2019. You can read all about them here and my mid-year update here! Right now, it’s December 27th, which is as good a time as any to review how I did! It’s important to understand that while I set these as goals, realistically, I aimed to achieve 33-50% of them. I’ve checked them multiple times throughout the year whenever I felt lost in order to get back on track. Today, I’m going to look at the 49 social media goals I set for the year. Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and other platforms lead themselves to vanity metrics and target achievements… but with that said, I personally don’t feel I lived up to my intended goals for the year.

Twitch, YouTube + Social Media Goals – 26/49 Goals Completed

  • Never Take my Community for Granted, and Continue Building – COMPLETED. This has always been a priority for me. I want everyone who’s wanted to be part of the community to feel welcomed and appreciated.
  • Grow my Twitch Following to 1500. Failed. I’m currently sitting at 1228 followers. It’s significant growth on the year, but in terms of the goal, it fell short.
  • Grow my YouTube Subscribers to 5000. Failed. I sit at 3687 subscribers, well short of the goal.
  • Create a Weekly “Twitch Recap” Series for YouTube (Post on Saturdays) SEMI-COMPLETED. I created the recap and posted 30+ episodes, but around Twitchcon realized I needed to make changes. CONSTANT demonetization hurt overall access to the show. Relaunching in 2020!
  • Start my Weekend Podcast Show with Other Streamers. Failed. This is a true failure, major laziness/fear on my part. I’ve been working on this for the entire year and still haven’t launched it. No one to blame but myself and I take this one with deep disappointment in myself. 2020 launch for SURE.
  • Collaborate with over 30 Streamers. Failed. Behind the scenes, I worked with about 15 different streamers on some smaller projects that may come out in 2020. That said, this number was largely based upon the idea of building the Podcast.
  • Achieve Partner. Failed. I didn’t get there… in fact, I stalled out. I don’t hate myself for this, growing a community and a channel on Twitch is HARD. And I’m doing something outside of the norm on the platform. With no discoverability, it makes it hard to spread the stream organically. I’ve learned a lot, and think we can hit this in 2020!
  • Attend Twitchcon 2019. Completed! I attended, and despite some social issues – I had an amazing time!
  • Attend Twitchcon Europe 2019. Failed. Didn’t go. Won’t go in 2020 either haha.
  • Be on a Panel at Twitchcon 2019. Semi-Completed. I applied for a panel, but it wasn’t selected. I consider it a success that I pitched it, but a failure that it didn’t happen.
  • Get a Stream Deck. Completed. Thanks to the community, we got one!
  • Get a Second Camera. Completed. I got a new camera, but returned it – Mirrorless is the goal for 2020.
  • Get a Portable Green Screen. Semi-Completed. I didn’t need this really in the end as I changed the studio space I was in.
  • Develop Regular Segments for the Show. Semi-Completed. I did a lot of testing with things unofficially, that will help for 2020.
  • Have Backups in Place for Missed Shows. Failed. I have no plan in place for missed shows. If I miss a show, I miss a show for whatever reason. IN FUTURE, if the stream becomes my main source of income I’ll need to focus on this – but right now, it’s just a reality of life.
  • Always be Innovating the Show – Don’t Get Comfortable. Completed. I always keep trying to fix things, make it better, make changes. Some of the small, others much bigger. Innovation is key and I’ll keep at it.
  • Purge Followers to Remove Dead Accounts. Don’t aim for a #, aim for quality. Completed. I did this both as a test AND as a way to trim my followers. The test was whether or not dead followers’ lack of engagement hurts engagement – it seems to.
  • Hit 1500 Followers on Instagram. Failed. I didn’t post on Instagram really. No way to grow if you don’t create.
  • Develop the Twitch Viewing Experience on Failed. I started to work on this but stopped midway. I’ll continue to develop it in 2020 though (however it may be over on CreatorHype instead).
  • Cosplay 3x for Halloween. Failed. I got so busy after Twitchcon, that I had no time to do this. I’m legit disappointed in myself because it was one of the most fun things I did in 2018.
  • Get a Menswear Sponsor for the Show. Failed. Didn’t pitch any. Can’t score if you don’t shoot.
  • Get a Tech Sponsor for the Show. Completed. Logitech is a brand partner of the show, and Epidemic Sound sponsored my trip to Twitchcon.
  • Do 3x Charity Streams. Semi-Completed. I should have done three unique streams with a charity focus, but instead, I made all of December a month-long dono goal for Sick Kids.
  • Raise $2000 for Charity. Failed. We raised $560 as of writing this, and that’s AMAZING – but short of the planned goal. Having the THREE unique streams might have helped.
  • Take the Show ‘On the Road’. Failed. I had no need to take it on the road, so it sits as a failure.
  • Develop Interactive Elements to the Show. Semi-completed. It’s a work in progress, but I did develop new ways to interact with the show. I will continue to add more!
  • Send a Personal Letter to any 1-Year Sub Who’d Like One. Failed. I didn’t even try to make this happen. Will re-evaluate it for 2020.
  • Do 6 Special Events on Stream. Completed. I did a BUNCH of different special events ranging from unique streams, Modlympics, Game Awards and other events – will do more in 2020!
  • Develop Loyalty Perks. Completed. You can redeem games for FREE with the stream currency, as well as other perks including subs, sound effects and more.
  • Tweet More. Completed. I tweeted more, I need to tweet even more though.
  • Make Discovering the Show Easier. Semi-Failed. I sort of did some of this, but need to work harder and smarter to improve discoverability. I know SEO inside and out, time to apply it better with the properties I have access to
  • Grow Discord to 400 Users. Failed. This connects to other things, but I did not make the Discord attractive enough to bring in 300 new people. Right now it sits at 217 members.
  • Don’t Fall Victim to Streamer Traps. Completed. I didn’t fall into any streamer traps. I kept my head above water, kept my integrity intact and stayed true to myself.
  • Purge Twitter Following. Completed. I cut my following down significantly. I can still trim more, but I’m happy with my current following!
  • Purge Instagram Following. Completed. I cut down the number of accounts I follow including MANY thirst traps… BUT I still need to be better than getting thirst trapped.
  • Purge YouTube Following. Completed. I cut out a bunch of dead channels, and content that I no longer consume/believe in. Never easy, but had to be done.
  • Make it Easier to Support the Channel. Failed. I don’t know that I did anything to make it easier to support the channel.
  • Work on “Best of” Episodes. Failed. I did not produce any Best Of Episodes… something to consider for 2020.
  • Hire an Intern/Assistant for Production. Failed. I made attempts to hire a YouTube editor but ultimately wasn’t happy with the quality of their work.
  • Get 10 Emotes Made. Failed. I had about 3 emotes made this year, and have prepaid DD for another… but yes, get some more made up!
  • Better Organize Discord. Completed. I organized and streamlined the Discord earlier in the year, but it got a little bloated again. Keep re-working and trimming the fat.
  • Visit One New Twitch Channel Daily (or 7 per Week). Completed. I visit at least 7 new channels per week – most of which I NEVER visit again… it’s easy to know quickly whether a community is right for me or not. Whether a streamer is engaging and interesting… but I definitely visit a LOT of channels.
  • Develop Better Transitions. Completed. I still want to get something more custom done up, but I’m happy with my current transition.
  • Go Through Iterations of the Layout/Notification Often. Completed. I’ve iterated and changed notifications often. Small changes and 2020 will be no exception, plenty to change!
  • Host the TOS Awards. Failed. I did not host a TOS Awards. I need to review this idea for 2020… cause I think there’s a TON of fun that can be had with it.
  • Do Features on Streamer Spaces. Failed. I worked with a dozen streamers to get some plans to make this happen but didn’t finalize it. I still think it’s a great idea that I need to do.
  • Develop a TOS (Today on Stream) Logo. Failed. Didn’t do this… I have a small idea, but not sure if I love it or not.
  • Get Better Studio Earbuds. Completed. I got a brand new pair of headphones from Logitech, and then updated further to add Logitech speakers. Still may explore an in-ear headphone though.
  • Transition the Intro to the Show to Being Live. Completed. There’s part of the intro that is live. But ultimately decided that it doesn’t need to be live-live. It’s better off as a pre-rec piece of content before the stream starts.

Overall, I completed 26 of 49 goals which is a 53% completion rate. Some of them were only semi-completed, but I’m still counting them. It’s not a bad number and I’m happy. BUT some of the goals I SHOULD have completed. I just needed to get a bit more focused and invested in my own good ideas. Too often, I get nervous about them and so they fall to the wayside. Trust in myself, launch imperfect and make better as you go – that’s the big takeaway for 2020!

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