200 Goals for 2019 – 49 SOCIAL & BUSINESS GOALS Reviewed

Yesterday, I covered my 49 Social Media/Creator goals for 2019. After review, I completed 26 of them, which is a 53% completion. To be honest, I think that’s the highest rate we’ll get. The next batch of goals to look at are my social and business goals. I’m writing this before review, but I’m nervous… It’s very easy to get sidetracked on some of these (especially in the personal category). There are 46 goals in these categories – so let’s get into it.

Social Goals

  • Go on More Dates. Completed. I went on a bunch of dates this year – especially at the very beginning of the year, and more recently. I dated someone seriously during the middle of the year, but alas it did not work out. Tough to find a good match these days!
  • Spend a Weekend at a Cottage with Friends. Failed. Didn’t do this. Didn’t even try to make it happen.
  • Help Mdee14 Achieve his Twitch Goals. Semi-completed. I spoke often with Mdee14 this year about Twitch and plans. I really wanted to see him partnered on Twitch. Of anyone I know, he deserves it for how much he works (Twitch Toronto) and supports others.
  • Help NagataLockII Achieve his Twitch Goals. Failed. Nothing really to say here!
  • Help KhaleesiBB Achieve Her Twitch Goals. Semi-completed. I think there’s lots more to work on, but she’s a great streamer doing great things as a Mercy main! Look forward to seeing her continue to thrive.
  • Help FerrellCat Achieve Her Twitch Goals. Semi-completed. Ferrellcat opted to quit streaming, but before that, we’d often talk about it! That said, Ferrell has become a good friend and am excited to see what she takes on next!
  • Help Forgiving Make Overwatch League. Failed. I wanted to do more to help Forgiving achieve whatever goals he had for the year. He’s insanely talented at Overwatch if any scouts are reading this!
  • Forget the People who Burned me in 2018. Completed. I don’t even remember most of the situations that burned me in 2018, so I’ve succeeded in this. However, 2019 brought its own set of awful.. so in 2020 it’s a repeat!
  • Develop a Streamer Master Group (Link to Twitch Team?). Failed. I worked on this and started to get people interested but the thing I’ve learned about a LOT of streamers is they are short on time and live in their bubble. I still think there’s value in this idea!
  • Do Things Outside of my Comfort Zone. Completed. I made myself more uncomfortable this year than any other year! Learned a lot. Took risks. Put myself out there.
  • Go to Every Twitch Toronto Event. Failed. After Twitchcon, I was DONE with people. My social energy was at an all-time low. I skipped the winter Twitch Toronto event BUT went to the other two.
  • Get Together with Casey More. Failed. Didn’t hang out with Casey. God damn this is stupid on my part. He’s literally a 30-minute walk away… 2020 spring-summer Casey, you better expect me.
  • Meet more Streamers/Creators. Completed. I broke out of my comfort zone and made concerted efforts to meet new streamers/creators. People who came to Toronto for a few days made plans to meet up. In San Diego, met tons… met a LOT of people this year.
  • Visit my Brother. Failed. Amazingly, there was no real opportunity to go visit him this summer. But I did see him multiple times… 2020, definitely need to change that and go check out his place.
  • Respond to Emails/Texts Faster. Completed. I respond to emails as I get them!
  • Meet More People for Coffee. Completed. I’d like to meet more, but a lot of people I invited out for coffee bailed on me. Overall though, I drank a lot of coffee with people.
  • Socialize More. Completed. Socialized to a point of burn out on several occasions.
  • Stay Later Than you Plan To. Semi-completed. I still get an idea in my head of when I want to bail, and often follow that… but sometimes I ignore it and stay.
  • Go Fishing with Grandpa. Failed. Didn’t happen!
  • Avoid Drama, But Speak Up When Necessary. Semi-Failed. I didn’t choose to get involved in drama, but there was a lot of it tied to my relationship ending. Fortunately, every time something happened people would come to me and ask, suspecting that something was ‘off’ with the story… when it doesn’t sound like me, it’s usually not me lol. But generally, there was WAY less drama than in 2018.

Business Goals

  • Sign a New Writing Client. Semi-Completed. I signed a couple small contracts, but not nearly as big of ones as I’d like. Aiming for a whale in 2020.
  • Create a Store. Failed. I did not do this! I really need to.
  • Post Weekly Content on Failed. I left Creator Hype empty for most of the year. But rediscovering the value in the site!
  • Develop my Twitch Course. Failed. I scrapped this idea early on!
  • Setup a Twitch Team. Failed. Need to be a partner to do it.
  • Generate a Sponsor Deal for Twitch Team Members. Failed. I still want to do this, but not being a partner put a hold on some things.
  • Develop Passive Income Properties. Semi-completed. I have some semi-passive sources of income… need to work on way more.
  • Get Invited to Speak at an Event. Failed. I haven’t put myself out there to speak on anything.
  • Learn More about Cryptocurrency. Semi-completed. I’ve learned a LOT about crypto this year, but still feel like I’m just scratching the surface.
  • Write a Free Ebook on Stream Ideas. Failed. I worked on it, got it started, but not completed.
  • Develop a Calendar for Streamers. Completed! I got it done early in the year, and working on an update to it now!
  • Rework and Relaunch Techmas. Failed. I worked on the idea, and developed something called Creator Christmas, but didn’t get it to launch.
  • Develop a Better Business Card/Twitch Game Tie-In. Failed. I had a plan for this, but canceled it. It wasn’t good enough yet…
  • Create a List of Twitch Artists (Emotes/Panels/Animations). Completed. I did this recently on CreatorHype and it looks great!
  • Learn After Effects Basics. Semi-completed. I learned more about it, but not enough to really know what I’m doing.
  • Use/Build Email Lists. Failed. I have an email list but have done nothing with it all year.
  • Win an Award/Accolade. Failed. I didn’t win anything (that I know of.)
  • Vlog at Special Events. Failed. I didn’t do this… oof. That said, I didn’t attend a lot of special events.
  • Interview Streamers/Creators for Failed. I did not do this.
  • Figure Out Completed. I figured out that it’s dead. It served its purpose, but for now, it’s just going to chill.
  • Contribute to Four other Websites. Failed. I didn’t even pitch this. Why? I have NO idea. Stupid.
  • Consolidate my Crypto Holdings. Completed. I trimmed down a lot of my holdings into a half dozen coins instead of the insanity I had. Now just need to hope there’s another bull run cause it’s worth nothing right now lol.
  • Create Streamer/YouTuber/Blogger Spotify Playlists. Semi-completed. I created the playlists but never made them public – kinda weird.
  • Co-Author an Ebook. Failed. I didn’t do this.
  • Set Better Work Hours. Semi-Completed. I stick to a better schedule for work stuff generally, BUT I love working…
  • Get a New Headshot/Social Images. Completed! Several different images, but the latest is from Twitchcon and I love it.

22 of the 46 goals for the year, I completed (or semi-completed). That’s a 48% achievement rate… not terrible, and actually much better than I expected! A lot of things change over the course of the year, and a LOT of progress was made. So, we continue some of them next year… and others we leave in this decade! Onto the next set of goals (tomorrow!).

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