After I released the #TOTOp150 list (Oh and there will be an update to that soon), I started getting questions about who were the biggest bloggers, and I had an idea, but wasn’t sure…

Toronto has a lot of bloggers that cover a wide array of topics. A lot of them get a ton of traffic, but were they popular in Canada? The reality is, many blogs get lots of traffic from places outside of Canada. Which poses a problem for any business looking to work with a blogger. Canadian companies want to deal with Canadian audiences.

Most bloggers aren’t willing to be open about their traffic, so I used a website, regarded as a very accurate – Alexa. Over the last 14 days, I tracked the Country rank of 44 bloggers, though when I did my search I looked at over 300 Toronto based blogs! (If you’re on Tumblr, you’re sadly not counted.) I took the 14 ranks and averaged them for each blogger.

If I’ve missed anyone, please let me know and I’ll start tracking them and then add them to the list! Also blogs with * were ranked at one point, but may have fallen off the rankings a few times in that 14 days or are recent additions. Oh, and only looking for blogs with one or two main contributors.