Toronto’s Top Bloggers

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Toronto has a lot of bloggers that cover a wide array of topics. A lot of them get a ton of traffic, but were they popular in Canada? The reality is, many blogs get lots of traffic from places outside of Canada. Which poses a problem for any business looking to work with a blogger. Canadian companies want to deal with Canadian audiences. Brands want Toronto’s Top Bloggers, not New Dehli’s top bloggers. This list isn’t perfect, and while it will give you a good idea on the bloggers with the most reach, it does not guarantee the same kind of traffic to sponsored content.

Who Are Toronto’s Top Bloggers?

Most bloggers aren’t willing to be open about their traffic, so I used a website, regarded as a very accurate – Alexa. Over the last 14 days, I tracked the Country rank of 44 bloggers, though when I did my search I looked at over 300 Toronto based blogs! (If you’re on Tumblr, you’re sadly not counted.) I took the 14 ranks and averaged them for each blogger.

If I’ve missed anyone, please let me know and I’ll start tracking them and then add them to the list! Toronto’s Top Bloggers are the following, there are certainly others will smaller audiences or short term hits, but for all intents and purposes, these are the bloggers with the best traffic rankings.

It should be noted that while this was written back in 2011, Toronto’s top bloggers have changed significantly in that time, and while some familiar faces still grace the list from back then till now, there are naturally new folks on the list! If you are looking for more information, including the updated top 20, simply fill out this form to receive the list immediately.

  • i love this list!! yay!!

  • I suspect you’ll be on it sooner than later Christine. You’re one of the 300 I was watching. #TOTopBlog

  • sweet list Zach. well done on putting this together. you’re on a roll buddy.

  • Great list of bloggers – I now have more to read!  Just out of curiosity (and forgive the perhaps stupid question) what’s “a lot of traffic”?  As someone who’s been blogging for a while but just starting to take it seriously in 2011, I’m wondering what to aim for.  Thanks! 

  • Thanks Casie! :)

  • Thanks Cindy!
    And that’s a great question. When I started blogging I asked around for the same thing and no one gave me anything. But I’ll try to answer.

    I think once you hit 5000 unique readers per month is significant. Atleast I feel that way. It was around then that I’d get more comments, more interaction, more ‘offers’ etc. The next step is 10,000, and then after that 50,000 seems like it should be the next reasonable plateau.

    As long as you’re not breaking any of the rules I wrote in this blog post then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get there.

    I’ve only been at this for 18 months now, so I might be completely incorrect… but that’s how I feel :)

  • Thanks for the info!! I really appreciate it. It does help to know what to aim for – 5000. Not there yet but…

    And I read your post on blogging rules, don’t think I’m breaking any but could post a little more. Thanks again!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Zach. Would love it if you’d check out my blog at My current Canadian Alexa rank is 24,424 :)

    This is a great list and gives me some new blogs to check out. Cheers!

  • if i have this correct “a lot of traffic” means they have a lot of visitors/hits to/on their site.  does that help Cindy?  if i’m wrong here, someone please correct me.


  • Anonymous

    Great list! Thanks for taking the time to put the list together ^_^

  • You’re doing exactly what I’ve been thinking in my head Toronto (and many other cities) need~ I love it when people do great stuff!

  • FAQ probably: what’s the # with each blog mean?

  • No you’re right. But there’s a lot of Canadian bloggers who’s main source of traffic comes from outside of Canada.

  • Updated. :)

  • My pleasure Stella! Always interesting to me to see how things work out.

  • Haha thanks! I appreciate that. And the # with each is their country rank… meaning how popular they are by traffic in Canada. Me, I’m the ~13,000th most popular site in Canada.

  • Thanks :)

  • Krystal @ Uh Oh Mom!

    Yay for Canadian bloggers :) Most of my readers are from the states & congrats to Listen 2 Lena!

  • Lena

    Thanks so much Krystal! Your blog is awesome – I started following it a few weeks ago, am really enjoying your posts! – Lena

  • Kudos Zach. I love the amount of work you put into distilling these lists.  It’s fascinating to see the results!

  • Thanks Alex! It’s always interesting to see the different blogs and where they land. Glad you enjoy. 

  • Thanks for coming by to see! :)

  • Farah

    I think you should start tracking :) Just sayin!!

    Also yay LENA rules!!

  • Will keep an eye on you Farah. :)

  • Great post Zach! I am definitely looking forward to reading some new blogs.

  • rank recycles every 24 hours. before summer (nice weather) hit i was 9,000. it’s like stocks and drives me cuckoo.

  • You’re absolutely right it does. This is just the snapshot of 14 days of data. It’ll cycle.

  • I wish my GoogleReader wasnt already so overflowing! I want to read all the ones here I don’t already read.

  • I’ve added most of them. But I only end up reading if the title intrigues me. :)

  • Love your lists, Zach. 

  • Thanks Keri! Was really great seeing you last week. :) Sooner than later the next time?

  • Great seeing you, too! And absolutely! We’re due.

  • Justine

    Do deals blogs count too? I have one. :)

  • Everythingmomandbaby

    I wish I could figure out how to add Alexa to my blog, Everything Mom and Baby! LOL!
    I am a techy simpleton still!

  • Anonymous

    What does biggest mean? Most number of followers? I doubt it means most popular as I’m pretty hip to the Toronto blog scene and the only blog I’ve ever heard of here is the “awesome things” and that doesn’t really count becuase I just saw an ad for the book on the subway a few months ago.

  • Possibly, but I was trying to stick to people creating content of interest and not just being a deal aggregator.

  • Haha Alexa is actually automatic and independent. It tracks with or without your intervention.

  • It’s based on traffic stats. 

  • Justine

    Darn it, you figured me out I am a robot. :)

  • Shannon Hunter

    Love this Zach! Definitely going to help me with brand outreach. :) MWAH! 

  • ED

    I just visited some of them… the #5 blog’s first post was about a New Kids on the Block concert…. we are screwed! that’s so embarrassing Canada!

  • Woohoo, Alexa says I’m holding down #12,734,302 and #26,679,015 for my two blogs… movin on up!

  • Zach I would have never known where I ranked if it wasn’t for you. Thanks

  • Haha, you’re welcome I guess. It was just something interesting to put together. :)

  • On average we rank between 4,400 and 4,800 in Canada according to Alexa. And we’re based out of Toronto.

  • On average we rank between 4,400 and 4,800 in Canada according to Alexa. And we’re based out of Toronto.

  • Anonymous

    I like Get my fashion news from them. They should be included in the list

  • In Burlington, so guess that counts me out ;-)

    Canadian Alexa rank (as of posting): 5,497

  • Sorry Danny I missed you when putting it together. I’ll likely be updating it next month and will update to include you then! Thanks for letting me know!

  • Hey guys, definitely up there… unfortunately this list was created for sites with one or two main contributors and maybe a rare post from others. Hope you understand! Thank you for coming by… hadn’t heard of your site and it’s pretty cool actually!

  • Next update I’ll include them in the list. Thank you for letting me know! :)

  • Hi there Zach,

    No worries, mate, I popped on over to congratulate someone else, and figured it was just for the TO guys :)

  • While most of them are, I include GTA+ in most of the things I do. Burlington isn’t that far off so you’ll be on here next round! 

  • Congratulations, Esther.

  • Alimartell

    Ha! Do I win something if my Alexa rating in Canada is #22,827?

    Please say yes. I like to win things :)

  • Freddy_Sinclair

    When are you doind a new ranking?

  • alexa isn’t accurate. i think bloggers should post their actual traffic numbers for once and all.

  • I agree with you Raymi! I’ve posted mine several times and issued requests to other bloggers… to no avail though. They protect the kingdoms… or perhaps they are just villages.

  • ChrisL

    Ya when are you doing a new list?

  • they don’t talk about it cos they don’t get traffic.

  • Anonymous

    Great piece! My blog City Urbanista ranks 17,256,821:

  • cool 

  • Thanks for sharing this 


    There’s a new blogger in and she is FANTASTIC (if she does say so herself!). But seriously, folks, check me out at  (Warning: Not for prudes. Or people who like the Kardashians.)

  • There is a new blogger with 50,000 views in only 2 days.  The blogger writes about education and uses math and real facts.  Totally different from what the media is saying.  Really interesting read.

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    @jaysfan Totally right

  • filmhipster

    Don’t forget
    A fun blog for movie reviews. Sorry for the personal plug, couldn’t help it. :)

  • filmhipster

    @Ghostbuster Slots
    Great, thank you so much. We’ve started a new series called the Bloggers Cut where we poke fun of movies. Our first one was Taken 2.

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  • Thanks for this…I am just to embark on building a career blogging site to go with my new job posting website for Ontario. I have no idea where to start…lol..a little overwhelming. The statement mentioned earlier about Canadian companies wanting Canadian content is so true. Thanks for listing some of the great bloggers in the area that I can start following and hopefully learn from..xo

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