New Myspace Could Be Relevant Again

This is a post I never thought I was ever going to write… Myspace may just be relevant again! This morning Myspace posted a video about their service and it looks slick, properly styled and all the features we’ve come to love in social media while still retaining some of the reasons we once loved Myspace (music). It also looks simple which is so crucial to a successful social media platform! It looks to be pulling the best from various social networks and placing it on a Pinterest style image based design. With the rapid growth that Pinterest saw, the simplicity of Twitter and the connection/images of Facebook, Myspace puts things together to create something that has potential.

But potential only goes so far. Myspace has experienced such a trashing over the last five years, and with the social media overload that people have (why I’ve invested less time in Pinterest and Google+) it’s tough to balance all the time commitments that are required. But, Myspace had to do something. Let’s be honest though, if this fails then it is officially over. There’s no coming back if the best thing from Myspace that I’ve seen doesn’t attract people.

However, me personally… I’m willing to give it a shot! Just don’t mess this up Myspace and allow this stuff again! What do you think about the new Myspace?