Toronto’s Now a Better City

I’ll be forthright with you, as I have always been, and always shall be – Audi wants to put a little bit of wind into …

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Smirnoff Double Black Vodka
Social Media

Smirnoff’s Double Black Encourages Men to #STEPUP

Smirnoff Vodka recently launched their new Double Black Vodka, and with it they launched a whole new campaign designed to help men #StepUp. So when …

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MarketingSocial Media

Do It #LikeACaptain for Captain Morgan

Back in August 2012, when the Zach Bussey Show podcast was still in it’s infancy, I mentioned about how the show was a pirate ship …

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Twitter Zombie Apocalypse
Social Media

Is Twitter Becoming the Zombie Apocalypse?

When we look back at Twitter in a few years, we’ll wonder where it all went wrong. We’ll sit there perplexed about how such a gleaming icon …

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FoodBabe Investigates

Is the Food Babe More Dangerous than Pumpkin Spice Lattes?

I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline today and stumbled upon the same infographic about half a dozen times. The first few times I ignored …

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Chef, A Must for Foodies, Chefs and Social Media Lovers

My grandparents saw a movie called “Chef” a couple months ago, and they told me that I’d like it – they mentioned something about a …

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Tingly Discovery: I Have ASMR

Back in grade school, we had lice checks roughly twice a year. Class by class, we made our way down to the gym where parent …

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I’m Becoming Your Dad (No I’m Not Marrying Your Mother)

Summer is apparently THE time to market all of the men’s products, and because the folks at Schick put a little wind into the sails …

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Watching the World Cup with Jermain Defoe

It’s been a week since the final game of the World Cup, and the hole in my heart for the quadrennial event continues to grow. …

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72% of Men are Contaminated from their Bathing Practices

About a year ago or so, I went off on a rant on the Zach Bussey Show about how there’s a real problem with people …

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RantSocial Media

Why Don’t You Tip?

I’ve interacted with hundreds of writers, bloggers, social media influencers and other content creators for popular newspapers, magazines and websites over the last couple years, …

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Want to be on Stage at NXNE? Check out MiO POV!

Self promotion is something I’m generally pretty good at… you just need to check out my media page for some evidence of that (and I have to …

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