Making Dessert with Persimon

I’ve long been well aware of the persimmon – granted, I have only ever eaten them once in my life. For those who might be …

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Martian G2G Smartwatch Review

#FSHolidayTech: Martian G2G Smartwatch Review

As part of Future Shop’s Holiday Tech Squad, I’ll be reviewing several different products over the course of the next few weeks. I’m going to …

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Dating & Sex

Never Thirsty: Why You Should Be Online Dating

Dating has never been my strong suit, which isn’t to say that I’m not a good date – I just struggle with the different steps …

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Social Media

#12DaysMetroCentre Starts Now

MetroCentre is putting a little bit of wind into the sails of this ship! So while you should be aware of this, I’m letting you …

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LifeSocial Media

Why Do You Blog?

I often wonder why people get into blogging. In my case, it was accidental. I was on Twitter for a couple years, but felt that …

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Toronto’s Now a Better City

I’ll be forthright with you, as I have always been, and always shall be – Audi wants to put a little bit of wind into …

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Smirnoff Double Black Vodka
Social Media

Smirnoff’s Double Black Encourages Men to #STEPUP

Smirnoff Vodka recently launched their new Double Black Vodka, and with it they launched a whole new campaign designed to help men #StepUp. So when …

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MarketingSocial Media

Do It #LikeACaptain for Captain Morgan

Back in August 2012, when the Zach Bussey Show podcast was still in it’s infancy, I mentioned about how the show was a pirate ship …

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Twitter Zombie Apocalypse
Social Media

Is Twitter Becoming the Zombie Apocalypse?

When we look back at Twitter in a few years, we’ll wonder where it all went wrong. We’ll sit there perplexed about how such a gleaming icon …

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FoodBabe Investigates

Is the Food Babe More Dangerous than Pumpkin Spice Lattes?

I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline today and stumbled upon the same infographic about half a dozen times. The first few times I ignored …

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Chef, A Must for Foodies, Chefs and Social Media Lovers

My grandparents saw a movie called “Chef” a couple months ago, and they told me that I’d like it – they mentioned something about a …

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Tingly Discovery: I Have ASMR

Back in grade school, we had lice checks roughly twice a year. Class by class, we made our way down to the gym where parent …

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